Population Challenges

(2010) There are less people being born and there is a large dependency load (32%).  However, there are currently enough working people to support the dependency load. (US Census Bureau)

Possible challenges include a larger dependency load due to the current large middle aged population, and therefore there may not be enough people to support the dependency load.  The population of Iceland is very small.  The population pyramid simply shows the current population moving up in age, without any new immigrants.  (US Census Bureau)

Standard of Living in Iceland is very high.  Therefore, life expectancy is prograssively increasing, which makes for a larger dependency load.  There will not be enough people working to support the large dependency load (US Census Bureau). 

Population pyramids also indicate that in the future (2050), the birth rate will be even lower.  This will, again, lower the middle aged population. 

Please refer to population pyramids in the section entitled Major Demographic Characteristics.